Be the Judgment – the Word

Truth is, we can be on the spiritual path for eons, gradually rising, but still holding on to vibrational stuff that we are not wiling to look at, and so, our ascension and growth is SLOW. But, then we come to the time when we hear the call of the eternal Christ say, “COME UP HERE!” and we awaken to the understanding that we need to begin to be MORE CONSCIOUS of the need to ACCELERATE OUR ASCENT.

Many people today have an “escape rapture” mentality, in that when they think of completing their ascension in Christ they think of THE LAST STEP. But the ascension spiral is not completed by taking the last step. It is completed by taking EVERY step. And for every step, we are required to use the consciousness that we have attained to move ourself beyond that step. It is just that simple.

We already have EVERYTHING that we need to fully complete our course – to fully ascend. We do not need some magical power from beyond ourself – some magical light from above that will propel us higher. We need to simply REALIZE that “the Kingdom of God is within us” and REALIZE that this means that we have the light of Christ inside ourself, which means that INSIDE OUR BEING resides A FULLY CONSCIOUS AND FULLY AWAKENED ONE who is an extension of God’s very Being, and that this is OUR OPEN DOOR between all of the spiritual realms and the material world in which we have so OVERLY focused our sense of self.

Truth is, we are NOT material beings, we ARE spiritual beings who are temporarily focusing our sense of self inside the role of material beings, and, we are even much more than that! And when we realize this, and realize that the power that we need to rise is ALREADY fully within us, then we shall ascend STEADILY and RAPIDLY, even building such momentum that there is NOTHING that can take us off the ascension spiral.

When we come to this kind of momentum, Beloved, we can go out into the world and instead of judging it, WE ARE the judgment, in the sense that we ARE THE EXPRESSION OF GOD that gives people CLARITY and A CHOICE, and that choice is the judgment. Do you get what I’m saying here?

Do you understand that we can call for someone’s judgment upon certain acts or ways of thinking forever, but until they actually SEE that they have a choice between reality and unreality, the judgment is not full. And therefore, our role is to not judge, analyze or evaluate at all, but to SIMPLY BE who we are in Christ and to SHINE our light and to EXPRESS to others whatever comes to us FROM WITHIN, doing this SPONTANEOUSLY, and in no way analyzing with the linear mind about how to counteract men’s arguments with words.

This is how we allow ourself to BE THE WORD to others and how we let that Word flow without any premeditation or personal attachment. This is the way of being AN OPEN DOOR for people, of being THE CREATIVE FLOW OF THE WORD OF GOD to them and this without thinking that we can know with our outer-mind which argument would convince them better. Do you see what is being said here? You and I will never actually help another person by proving their arguments wrong, and this is partly because we can never prove anything or anybody wrong in THE CONSCIOUSNESS OF DUALITY. There is always a counter-argument for any argument. And so, we are to help others by showing them an ALTERNATIVE, by giving them A CHOICE, and by allowing them to choose.

Surely, this is what Jesus demonstrated.