Appropriating the Promises

In the past I’ve seen God work miracles where He has brought forth deliverance instantly, but my experience of late is more in line with “the gifts of healing,” which has to do with bearing witness to a Word or Promise from God by faithfully walking step by step on through to the fulfillment of that Promise. Did you know that the Bible differentiates between the “gifts of healing” and the “gifts of miracles”? Jesus Christ could do no miracles in Nazareth, but we are told that He healed a few sick ones.

Quite often the Promise that we are given from God (with regard to healing) is as a SEED which requires steps of FAITH in order for it to grow. In other words, the Promise of healing is often conditional upon us not entertaining doubts as to that Word being fulfilled in our experience, and upon us acting in faith to what we have heard.

Let me put it this way…

Steps of faith and trust in response to the Word or Promise that we are given is what usually sets God to working to fulfill that Promise. It’s a bit of a “back and forth” interaction, in that our Father first moves by giving us a Word, and then He waits for us to act in faith upon that Word, trusting in it and denying those things which contradict it. When He gets that from us, then He usually moves again, this time to fulfill the Promise, something which often comes in stages and requires more steps of faith from us along the way. Frankly, I think that the Father likes to work in this way because in this way He cultivates and grows not only our faith and trust in Him, but He also grows our INTIMACY with Him.

I guess that the bottom line here, beloved, is that God’s Word to us is almost always appropriated by us by faith and reliance upon that Word. It seems that the Father has given all of His blessings to FAITH, and has none to bestow upon our unbelief.