Appointed Times

I am going to reiterate here something that a brother just shared with me, and that is that the kind of praying that I just wrote about (praying in the character of the Son of God…the Holy Spirit praying through us) is limited by the in-part “earnest” of the Spirit that we have received under Pentecost. Since the measure of the Spirit that we’ve received in that is only the “earnest of our inheritance” (Eph. 1:14), our “inheritance” must be the fullness of the Spirit, which we have yet to receive. This will be the same “Spirit without measure” that Jesus received at his baptism in the Jordan River. This, beloved, is the baptism of SONS.

Surely, some people are now coming to the end of their training period in the wilderness and are approaching the Promised Land of their inheritance, the Tabernacles anointing. The coming of Christ in this Tabernacles experience is what will empower a people to walk in actual righteousness and complete the work of teaching all nations. This is what I believe to be “the raising of the Tabernacle of David,” which is a picture (framed in scripture) of the ministry work of the age to come.

With regard to “the Tabernacles anointing,” keep in mind that it was on the last day of the Feast of Tabernacles that Jesus prophesied of Living Water coming forth in TORRENTS from the innermost being (the spirit) of believers. Along these lines, after writing “Abundance!” the other day, I prayed to the Father for more of His Spirit (an “abundant” portion), and this so that we might do what needs to be done in San Francisco and elsewhere. He then showed me a picture. It was a picture of NIAGARA FALLS! – surely a depiction of an immeasurable amount of Living Water coming forth from within us.

These are interesting times, no doubt, perhaps even times that are appointed (by God) for a very great outpouring of His Spirit.

(Thanks to Ted Martin for sharing some of his thoughts)