Another Testimony

I have shared with you recently that there are missions assigned to spirits which are proportioned to the progress that they have made, and that these missions are for the purpose of cleansing the spirit further so that they might ascend into higher realms. With regard to this, I will share with you a testimony. — D

I was invited to my sister’s house for dinner. She was having some of my brother in-law’s old band-mates over, and she wondered if I wanted to join all of them. I really didn’t, but the Holy Spirit directed me otherwise. The word that I received was, “I want you to go, David. John is coming.” Now, to me, this didn’t make any sense whatsoever, but I went, because I was told to.

When I got to my sister’s house I asked her if someone named “John” was coming. She said no, that there was a former member of Lanny’s band named “John,” but as far as she knew, he was not coming to dinner. I told her that I heard something from the Spirit about “John” coming. She asked Lanny if his friend John was invited to come over. He said, “No.” I just shrugged.

To cut to the chase here; during dinner the Spirit was having me pull some people away from thinking with their heads to thinking with their hearts, and this revealed in one of the dinner guests some terrible wounds that had been inflicted upon him by the actions of a Catholic priest (who is now, and at the time of this meeting, deceased). This man, who I was having dinner with, was stating how he wanted nothing to do with God or religion and that this is because of this particular Catholic priest who laid a terrible religious trip on him at the time when his mother had just passed away. I don’t recall all of the details about what actually happened, but at the funeral this man literally wanted to kill the priest because of what the priest had done. It was obvious that this man who I was having dinner with was still very bitter and angry.

I shared with my dinner companions how we are all victims of a beastly nature and how we need to show one another tremendous grace, that God has his ways of dealing with our beastliness and that He especially likes it when we join in with Him in working for people’s deliverance rather than us condemning them with our hearts and with our words. As I was sharing this with those at the dinner table, I was immediately struck with insight by the Holy Spirit that the Father was allowing the dead priest to sit in on our dinner conversation, that this spirit needed to see how he had hurt people in the past, especially this man at the dinner table, and that this would help him (the spirit) to progress and to be made ready for higher realms. I then asked the man with whom I was having the conversation at the dinner table, “Tell me, what is the name of this priest, do you remember?” The dinner guest then said (in a rather angry tone of voice), “His name is JOHN.”

I then whispered something to my sister about this, that this was, without a doubt, the “John” who I was told would be joining us for dinner, but what I was saying seemed not to register with her at the moment. So, I just left it it there, feeling very blessed to see and understand better through all of this how the Father works in all dimensions according to His mercy and to His good will and purpose for all.