Another Perspective (on spiritual “warfare”)

Just sharing it as I’m getting it…

Generally, hurt human beings in and of low vibrational states are tempted to desiring vengeance against their enemies, they are usually not interested in forgiveness, unless, of course, that somehow satisfies their pride before others. In certain cases, the act of pardon or forgiveness may be viewed as a weakness and therefore it is something to which certain people/spirits will not stoop, and so, even if these do not reap vengeance they still maintain bitterness and evil desires against another. This can cause all sorts of spiritual (and physical) problems for parties on both sides of the conflict.

With regard to our unseen or discarnate spiritual adversaries/enemies, physical death is only a relief from the material presence of these beings, but be aware, beloved, these beings can continue to pursue you and me with agendas fueled by off-set emotions and with vengeful hearts even after they have left the earth. These WILL come to know though that their vengeance ALWAYS fails in its objective and that a vengeful heart continually brings to itself more and more irritation and trouble, and, believe it or not, we are to help these to realize this. How?

Well, it is up to us to experientially prove (bear witness in many dimensions) that even the most rancorous relationships between those in the visible and the invisible worlds CAN BE HEALED and that this is done by us WALKING OUT what Jesus taught about us loving our enemies. It is my understanding that there is no heart so perverse (though many being reluctant) that it does not show itself to be somewhat sensitive to the genuine manifestation of this precept of love. This means, that it is possible to take away all pretext for retaliation EVEN FROM SPIRITS IN OTHER DIMENSIONS, and that we can even make friends out of enemies (even there) by simply manifesting Christ’s heart.

Spirits in the invisible world often manifest themselves and their malice by means of the obsession and the subjugation of people with whom they feel they have unfinished business. The trials that this brings on for the incarnates is as other types of trials, in that they help in the process of expiation and spiritual advancement, and therefore the sufferer(s) should accept them with a certain amount of resignation (as these are in the context of God’s will).

These happenings that I am describing (for lack of a better way of putting it) are a consequence of the inferior nature of this globe and its present dimension, for if there were no evil people on this planet then there would be no evil spirits around it and affecting it either. Hence, if we are to be benevolent with our terrestrial incarnate enemies, we should also treat those who are discarnate in like manner.

The bottom line here is that what is often referred to as “demons” are merely the discarnate spirits of perverse men and women who have not yet disposed of their material and selfish instincts and who have also not yet encountered those who are charitable and loving enough towards them to effect them to not only stop their evil practices, but effect them to take up a walk on THE PATH OF GOODNESS. This is all about SALVATION, beloved, about the great universal laws of solidarity and fraternity which shall eventually bring EVERY SPIRIT into the Fellowship of the Beloved and into wondrous and glorious dimensions of the spirit world. Yeah, “every knee shall bow.” I’m sharing with you a little bit about how that is going to come about. We have a lot of work ahead of us, to say the least.