And Even Greater Things

I feel to share a little bit about the ministry of the “two witnesses” this morning. Let me start with this …

Early on in my Christian experience, I was made very aware of the lack of dynamic miracle working faith in God’s people, the major cause for the powerlessness that we see in modern day Christendom. From the very first day that I opened the bible and began to read the New Testament gospel accounts, I knew in my spirit that something was seriously wrong with the thing that many people call “church” today.

My “church” experience was not all bad, but for the most part it was a joining in with people who tote bibles to places where they sit for extended periods of time and listen to preaching and teaching. Most of this preaching and teaching was about the things that Jesus did (and said that we all should be able to do), yet in reality, almost none of the people in these places were actually doing any of these things. Yeah, I saw there a lot of people making “faith statements” based upon an intellectual acquiescence to religious doctrines and traditions, but I did not see any real, dynamic, miracle working faith in action, something that I longed for with all of my heart and KNEW was ours in Christ Jesus.

So, I sought the Lord with all of my heart about this and He then asked me to COME OUT of man’s system of religion to come to HIM in a much greater way. He said that real miracle working faith is birthed out of intimacy with the Father, and that we must be able to pray in the NAME of the Son in order to bring the Father’s will from heaven to earth. He said that we will be given whatever we ask for in the Name of the Son, but that is not saying, “In Jesus’ Name amen” at the end of our prayers, but is praying in the NAME/CHARACTER/NATURE of the Son of God, which in all actuality is not us praying at all but is the Holy Spirit proclaiming through us the perfect will of the Father. It is in this way that His Kingdom comes and His will is done. To pray in this way is also not to pray “Whatever Your will is, Lord.” No, this kind of prayer is most often to discern exactly what the Father’s perfect will IS .. and then pray THAT until it comes to pass.

Now, what I am describing here does not come easy. It comes only through a LIFESTYLE of intimately “waiting” upon the Father in the spirit realm (and this very often with much prayer and fasting). It is for this reason that I believe Jesus often refused natural food when the disciples were eating, and is why He also often retreated to a quiet place to be alone with the Father. I think that Jesus was in this way waiting upon the Father so that He might discern THE FATHER’S perfect will in the things that were shortly to come to pass for Him and others. At that time in history, Jesus was heaven’s perfect Witness upon the earth, but even He needed to discern what heaven’s perfect will was before He could give witness to that will in the natural, and He was willing to pay the price to be able to do that.

This I believe set a pattern (and a lifestyle) for us to follow, beloveds. Heaven shall once again have a powerful earthly witness to the Father’s perfect will, when Jesus’ disciples in this day get on up into the walk that they are supposed to be walking and truly live as sacrifices for God and for the benefit of other people. I hear many people in this day talk about the “greater things than these” that Jesus spoke of, but to be quite honest, I encounter very few people in this day who are actually willing to pay the price (and live the life) that allows them to be able do those things.

This is something for us all to think about.

Bless you.

In His love,