An “Amen” People

I had just gotten off of an Amtrak train in Penn Station (Manhattan) and was on my way through Times Square to catch a subway train to my hostel, when I came across a woman who was sitting on a curb at 34th and Broadway.

Now this woman appeared to be really sick, and it appeared to me that she was more than likely drug addicted, too. She sat on that curb in Manhattan and cried out and cried out for someone to help her, but everyone just passed her by.

Now it sometimes takes me a bit of time to acclimate when I arrive in NYC, and at the time that I saw this woman I felt as though I had not much to give her. I grieved a bit over this (what seemed to me to be my insufficiency and un-preparedness for the situation) and I then went over to her and just gave her a dollar and said “God bless you.” This seemed to me to be really lame, but that was all that I could muster up at the time.

Well, as I walked away the Father began to speak to me. He said that He didn’t want me to DO anything in this situation but that He wanted me to just pray. He then directed me in this way. He said …

“David, this lady is alone, she is homeless, and she is addicted to heroin. I want you to pray for her to get free from the drugs … pray for her to get into a shelter … and pray that she’ll get into a church where there are believers who know Me and love Me and will love on her and teach her My ways.”

I prayed this then as I walked to the subway station to catch my train.

Three weeks later, I was in NYC again, and this time I was with a friend and we were on our way to Penn Station (at 33rd St) from Queens to catch a train home to Rochester. When the subway train that we were on stopped at 59th street though, the Holy Spirit told me to get off. Not knowing why we just obeyed. We got off the train and then climbed the stairs from the subway station up to street level at 59th.

Well, don’t you know, there right at the top of the stairs was the woman who I had met three weeks earlier at 34th and Broadway. I asked her if she was hungry and if she would like for me to buy her something to eat. She said “Yes“. So, we went to a corner store and I bought her some breakfast. Before she ate, and before we left her, I asked her if it might be alright if we all pray together. Again she said “Yes.”

What struck me at the time was that this woman seemed to have some deep intimacy with God while in prayer. So I asked her if she was a Christian. She then said, “I am now!! Let me tell you what has happened to me recently. Three weeks ago I had the most amazing encounter with the Lord Jesus Christ! Not only did He reveal Himself to me, but at that very same time I was delivered COLD TURKEY from heroin! I then was led by the Holy Spirit to Times Square Church, and they not only have helped me to get off the street, but I’m involved with a fellowship of believers who really seem to know and love God, and these people seem to really love me too! All this has happened to me over the course of the last three weeks!”

I just smiled and gave this lady a hug (with a few tears in my eyes). The Lord had answered my prayer for this woman exactly as I had been directed to pray it. Through this the Lord taught me experientially that all-sufficiency is of Him, and that if we will just walk with HIM in true brokenness and humility, then we can simply hear the voice of the Father and bear witness to HIS WILL. It is in this way that miracles happen. It is in this way that God’s kingdom comes, God’s will is done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.

God is looking for an AMEN people. These are people whose lives simply bear witness to the will of the Father. We need to walk intimately with Him in order for this to happen though, and this intimacy only comes by way of the cross.