An Admonition?

A brother wrote in with what I suspect is an admonition. I know that it might be hard for some people to see just yet, but the things that I’ve been writing about of late have EVERYTHING to do with being properly “postured” for Christ’s “coming,” as these things are about letting go entirely of the world as we know it to be led BY THE SPIRIT into a whole new world and way of life. — D

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(A brother wrote…)

David, with all due respect I humbly ask you seek the Lord’s counsel and confirmation regarding a word I received about His imminent return (Shavuot). This is a time for all our brothers and sisters in Christ to ready themselves spiritually (purifying as per 1 John 3:1-3). I am not a date setter…I only share what the Spirit is speaking to me. I pray He will reveal this insight to others as well, so we can be properly postured.


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(my response)

Hi Kevin. With regard to this coming or “return” of Christ that you speak of, I propose to you that there is a great misconception in the Christian church today regarding this, and this is primarily because most Christians today (for some reason) cannot comprehend that “Christ” is a many membered body of whom Jesus Christ is the Head. In the scriptures when the definite article “the” is used with “Christ,” it speaks of Jesus Christ, the Anointed One, the Messiah. But when the scriptures refer to “Christ,” they are usually referring to the collective Christ, the Head (Jesus Christ) IN UNION WITH His fully matured body of believers.

Now, with all of this in mind, consider too that the term “second coming” cannot be found anywhere in the scriptures. Really? Yeah, religious men made that up. Creation is surely groaning for a full manifestation of Christ in the earth, Kevin, but this is not about some giant Jesus appearing in the sky, but about THE MANIFESTATION OF SONS who walk in the HUMILITY and the LOVE and the MATURITY and the MEEKNESS and the POWER and the AUTHORITY and the ANOINTING of the Son of God.

Something to consider…