Activating the Pineal

I mentioned that I’d share some things which work to decalcify and activate the pineal gland. This is what is working for me…

1. Lots of distilled water (about a gallon a day).

2. MSM (in powdered form, made by distillation not crystallization). 

3. A simple and clean diet, made up mostly of organic fruits and vegetables, a little organic meat and almost no sugars or starchy carbohydrates.

4. Natural soaps for the shower and natural cleaners for the house (I avoid all chemical cleaners like the plague!).

5. Lots of prayer and meditation

First off, I’ll say here that I know that distilled water is molecularly unstable. This is one of the major reasons for using it, for when it enters into our bloodstream it easily latches on to debris, waste products and unwanted materials there as well as it pulling wastes and toxins from tissues, organs, joints, etc. Water filled with inorganic minerals or impurities cannot do this nearly as well.

As for MSM, there are many benefits to taking it, but the main reason that I’m taking it is because it is a calcium phosphate dissolver with a remarkable ability to break up calcifications in our bodies. It also makes our cells more permeable, which means that it allows toxins and metabolic waste products to easily be moved out of the cells while essential nutrients and hydration can be moved in. As you can probably imagine, MSM and distilled water work great together. Vitamin C also works synergistically with these.

As for the other things mentioned above, I strongly believe that we can all function much better the more that we get free from man’s chemicals and toxins, getting them out of our environment as much as possible while also working to get them out of us. I don’t know about you, beloved, but there has been (and continues to be) a very clear leading for me to live in this way (as removed from the toxic ways of man as possible) and to encourage others to live in this way too.

I see this all, really, as just another way of forsaking the world and its ways and of getting back to the Father’s garden again. We were made to live in a beautiful garden which throbs and pulsates with LIFE! All of the above mentioned “things” are CONDUCIVE TO LIFE. The toxic ways of man are conducive to death and disease and to low functioning biological systems (which certainly includes the pineal gland).

Personally, since implementing all of the above steps into my life, my dreams have become much more vivid. My thoughts have become much more clear. All of my senses are heightened, and I’m now experiencing beautiful waves of light in my mediation times, actually SEEING what is going on in me vibrationally during these times, and this by way of a third eye (pineal gland) which is obviously becoming more and more active.