Absolute Zero

Have any of you heard of the natural phenomena called ABSOLUTE ZERO? Theoretically, scientists believe that if the temperature of minus 459 degrees Fahrenheit can be reached, everything just stops, in that all thermal energy of matter at that temperature vanishes.

Spiritually speaking, I believe that this pictures for us absolute REST IN GOD, a place where all self-seeking and self-initiative of man is COMPLETELY FROZEN. Jesus demonstrated to the world a man brought to absolute zero, that in and of Himself, JESUS DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

Now, at absolute zero there is another natural phenomena that occurs. This phenomena is called SUPERCONDUCTIVITY. This is when electricity can be sent through a conductor at 100% efficiency without any voltage loss because there is NO LONGER ANY RESISTANCE. This means that the FULL POWER of the electricity is realized through the conductor and is transmitted perfectly.

Beloved, Jesus also pictures this superconductivity phenomena for us. Because there was no resistance in Him to do the will of the Father, Jesus became a SUPERCONDUCTOR of the full expression of the life of the Father. He was given THE SPIRIT WITHOUT MEASURE, and the power of the Spirit flowed through Jesus perfectly.

Dear ones, “absolute zero” and Jesus both picture for us THE FULLNESS OF REST which equals the FULLNESS OF POWER. This also pictures for us Sons who will do only the will of THE FATHER and because of this they will be empowered with the Spirit without limits.

Beloved, do you see why God has had me writing what He has lately? Do you see where we must be brought to and why? Absolute zero is a theoretical phenomena as far as the scientists of this world are concerned. Men by their own strength and wisdom have not been able to reach absolute zero. But what is impossible for man is possible with God. Now, He may not have any interest in allowing men to drop the temperature to minus 459 degrees, but I can assure you that He is quite interested in bringing forth Sons in the likeness and image of the Son, Super-conduits for His life and love and power to flow into this world.

The question is now though, just who is willing to surrender to Him to the extent that He can have that?



Our hearts are surely being measured.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Absolute Zero is certainly describing those who shall attain to sonship, even those through whom God shall rule in the Kingdom of the coming age. I think that it is also important to note here that this rulership is distinctly attached to sonship and not brideship. What I mean by this is that sonship is characterized by a military type of loyalty to the Father whereas brideship is characterized by deep intimacy with the Lord and sweet fellowship with the Body.

Brideship is certainly no small thing, as one must be presented to the Lord as a “chaste virgin,” which means that the womb of one’s soul-mind must no longer receive seed (or direction) from the (unregenerate) spirit of man or the spirit of the world (the devil). This is still not sonship though. No. Sons come forth out of the brideship relationship, but then they must be proven worthy to be given ruling authority from the Father. This proving is most often done in very painful and solitary places. We can see this work all throughout the scriptures in type and shadow.

There are some good articles that can be found on this website that distinguish the difference between brideship and sonship. I think that they’re in the “B” section of Messages.

Bless you.

* * * * * * *PPS

Also keep in mind that the characteristics of brideship and sonship are being developed in many of us simultaneously. Spiritually speaking, it is the state of being betrothed, not yet married, and pregnant. You should be able to see Mary as a type for this, and certainly Revelation 12 as a heavenly vision of it all.