About this World (and others)

Here we ago again. Y’all had better get REAL familiar with the Father’s voice for yourselves, or you are not going to be able to receive much of what I will be sharing.

Without getting into a deep explanation of this, I’m going to say here that the Earth is evolving and changing as the spirits who inhabit it (in different dimensions) change, and that it too goes through stages of progression; it maturing and growing as we (its inhabitants) do. Another way of putting this is that worlds vary with respect to the degree of elevation or inferiority of their (spirit) inhabitants, and the Earth is just AN INTERMEDIATE WORLD of worlds, for it is made up of good mixed with evil, and one or the other of these predominates here according to the (in the moment) vibrations of men’s hearts.

With regard to the general progression of worlds, briefly; it is my understanding that they go from primitive worlds, to that of tests and atonements, to regenerating worlds, to blessed worlds, and on to celestial or divine worlds which are inhabited by purified spirits and where only goodness exists. Earth belongs (right now) to the category of “worlds of tests and atonements,” which is why mankind lives here compassed-about by such misery. This is changing though, for this world is now transitioning into a “regenerating world.” This can be plainly seen once one is enlightened to the process. I may share more about this later. For now though, a question is arising in some reader’s minds which I need to address. This question is; “Does this mean that other planets are inhabited, D?” Yes, that is exactly what this means. Let’s put it this way…

Beloved, our Father has peopled the globes of the universe with living beings (of many dimensions) for the working-out of the aims of His divine providence – His sovereign working out of the destiny of all who were created in His image AS SPIRITS. To believe that the presence of living (material) beings is confined to one tiny point of the universe (that which is inhabited by us) is to cast much doubt on the wisdom of God, who has made nothing in vain, and who has assigned to all the other globes of the universe a destination far more important than that of gratifying our (earthly) eyes with the spectacle of a pretty starry night. Moreover, there is absolutely nothing in the position, size, or physical make-up of the earth to warrant the supposition that it alone (of the countless myriads of globes dispersed throughout the infinity of space) has the privilege of being inhabited.

With all of this in mind, you might also want to consider that a new incarnation or embodiment of a spirit does not necessarily have to happen on Earth. This too is something that the Spirit has been speaking to me for a while now, though something I’ve not been released to share on.. until now.

I’ll now answer for you another question which is arising in some minds; “But, D, why does not our science reveal the habitation of beings on any other planet than this one?”

Well, that, quite simply, is because 3 dimensional beings cannot observe 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th(…) dimensional activity with their 3d eyes nor with their 3d scientific equipment (no matter how enamored and proud they may be of there so-called “highly advanced” developments). These things can be seen though, in spirit.