Abolishing Selfishness

Selfishness is deeply connected to the influence of matter, from which most human beings today, still very low in vibrations of spirit, cannot yet free themselves. The more enlightened a spirit becomes, the less value it places on material things.

We are getting a real good look at SELFISHNESS of late because, without a doubt, selfishness is the plague of all humanity, a leprous invasion of the human heart which is hindering human moral progress and therefore also hindering the Earth in its ascent on the scale of the worlds.

Most people today are ever so eager for PLEASURE and self-indulgence, and most all of these are sorely DELUDED as to their God-given destiny on this planet. God created us to be happy in ETERNITY, beloved, and to do this by striving to OVERCOME ALL SELF in this material world. It’s not that that we are not to be happy in this world, but that our happiness is NOT to be sought in material pleasures, but in GOODNESS; in fellowship with others in Christ and in the giving out of ourselves for people in need.

The history of Christianity tells of martyrs going happily to their execution. I assure you that these people COULD NOT have done this if they had not a HEART-CARVED revelation of that which I share with you today.

Now, most of you will probably not have to face the holocaust of martyrdom or the literal sacrifice of your physical lives, but you should be willingly facing (and joyfully so) the DAILY SACRIFICE of your selfishness, your pride and your vanity, for this is the way which is PLEASING TO GOD and the way into your KINGDOM INHERITANCE in Christ.

I’m not saying anything here that Jesus didn’t already say, am I?