A Two-Edged Sword

The Father seeks for those who will worship Him in Spirit and in Truth, because there is no way to express an absolute truth outside of Spirit and Truth, and this is because anything that is expressed there becomes subject to MEN’S INTERPRETATION. In other words, people impose their filters upon what is shared, and, depending on their willingness to see through their own filter, they can kill the Living Word in an instant, in the instant that it even enters their ears.

Another way of putting this is that many people have made the Word of God of no effect because of that thing between their ears, namely, the brain and the analytical mind, along with all of the traditions of men which attach themselves to that thinking piece of meat. For these people, if they would just learn to listen with THEIR HEARTS instead of their heads, they would enter into a whole new level of understanding.

Along these lines, the Spirit has been impressing on me for a while now the importance of sharing THE LIVING WORD with total NON-ATTACHMENT – where the act of sharing is COMPLETELY detached from reaction or even from the expectation of a reaction. In this way, we cannot be affected negatively whatsoever by anyone rejecting the word that we share, or even by them calling us names or accusing us of being “a tool of the devil.”

The word that is coming forth from some of us today is A TWO-EDGED SWORD, because it shows people what is UNRESOLVED IN THEM, and by their reaction it can show us UNRESOLVED THINGS IN OURSELVES. In other words, whatever we may go through with people, it is always important for us to look for anything IN OURSELVES that is less than harmonious. Our responsibility in sharing the word, is to just give it out as faithfully and as accurately as we can and let people make a choice. Our responsibility DOES NOT include if they receive it or they don’t.

So, we can be completely non-attached from what we share and from any reaction that we might get, but, we also, for now, must be willing to OBSERVE OURSELVES in the midst of it all. And if we have a reaction where we find ourselves uneasy or out of harmony with Christ in any way, we must realize that there is no reason for us to feel that way UNLESS we have an attachment or a vibration that needs to go. So, we deal with that thing quickly, because any disharmonious vibration in us can keep us from passing through the doors of the highest worlds in the heavens, and we really want to go through those doors. We REALLY do.