A Short Story

I have a story to tell….

The lease is up on my car soon, so I went out tonight to just look, sticker shopping. I pulled into a car dealer at about 5:50 PM, and looked around for about 25 minutes or so, to find out when I wanted to leave that I couldn’t leave! All of the gates were locked with me inside! I drove to the building to see if I could see anyone inside, but it looked as though everyone had gone home. “Yikes,” I thought to myself. While I was praying about my next step I heard (in spirit), “How are the waters of your soul, D?” They were pretty still (I’ll explain more about this later).

Anyway, I parked by the service department exit bay and blew my horn a few times. I eventually caught the attention of a cleaning lady who held up a finger signaling “just a moment.” A few minutes later a man came to the door and I explained my predicament to him. He said, “You’re really lucky. We ordinarily wouldn’t be here tonight but because the Super Bowl is tomorrow we came in tonight to get tomorrow’s work done.” He then said, “I can’t open any of those gates for you, but if you drive around back I can open a garage door and let you through the shop to get out.”

I was freed in no time at all, and I had to chuckle at the flukiness of the whole situation, while also being reminded of a lesson that was given to me in Toronto several years ago…

Tim and I were waiting to cross a street, when a woman who was quite obviously demon possessed walked up to me (getting right into my face – almost touching my nose with hers) and SCREAMED the most bloodcurdling scream I’ve ever heard in all of my life! I thought she was going to bite my face. Tim said to me, “Should we cast the demons out of her, D?” My response was, “No, I don’t think so. This is not about that. Something else is up here.” We then just let the lady walk off, ranting and raving and screaming as she went. Right then I heard (in spirit), “How are the waters of your soul, D? A bit troubled?” My answer was “Yes, a little.” I then heard, “It can’t be that way. You need to get to the place where no matter what your outward circumstances your soul is at perfect rest and peace in Me.” I wasn’t there yet.

The next morning we were heading back to the States, and as usual when coming up to the border I asked the Lord what gate. I sensed a leading toward #8. Arriving at this gate the guard asked for our passports. We handed them to him. He looked at them. He made a phone call. And then he proceeded to drop our passports into a big manila envelope and sealed it. I thought to myself, “Oh, %#$&! That can’t be good.”

Next thing we knew the car was surrounded by armed border guards. We were pulled from the car. Pushed up against it with legs spread, hands up and frisked. Then we were dragged off and locked in a metal room. I heard (in spirit), “How are the waters of your soul, D? A bit troubled?” My response was “YES! They are a bit troubled at the moment.” I then heard, “It can’t be that way. You’ve got to get to the place where the waters of your soul are like a sea of glass despite your outward circumstances.” I surely wasn’t there yet.

We were released after about 45 minutes of interrogation. The whole thing happened to be a case of mistaken identity – my traveling companion having the same name and from the same town as someone who was wanted for some federal crime.

I sometimes wonder if this sort of thing is not God’s way of having some fun with us in sanctifying circumstances. Problem is, our sense of humor is usually not exactly aligned with His when we’re in the middle of this kind of stuff, and this is usually because we’re not sensing what He’s up to, what He’s after, but instead are caught up in the outwardness of the moment.

It can’t be that way.