A Short Note

Most people who have been on my e-mail list for any length of time know that I’m often out in the streets of our major cities ministering to people as led by the Lord there. Now, I have written about some of the experiences that I’ve had out on these streets, and I share some of these writings on this website (in the “Testimonies” section) for the edification of all who desire to read them.

I do want to say here though, that I wish that I didn’t have to write about any of this stuff. What I mean by this, is that I think that it would be better if I could just walk and talk with God and minister to people as the Lord leads, and then keep all that happens out there just between me and the Lord and the people who are involved in “the meetings.” I do know that the Lord wants me to share on these things (for now) though, and this, I think (for the most part), is so that others will be encouraged to reach out to people in this world who are hurting and in need of some help.

Anyway, it seems to me that many people today are quite fascinated when they read or hear about God moving in extraordinary ways, and I guess that this is good if hearing or reading about such things brings these people closer to God, or if it stirs within them a desire to get closer to Him. Yet, at the same time, I think that it is quite an indictment to Christendom today that those who consider themselves to be “disciples of the Lord” are so fascinated and amazed to hear about God moving in supernatural ways. I say this because a life of being poured out for people and of seeing God moving miraculously through that pouring out is only an example of the NORMAL CHRISTIAN LIFE AND WALK. This sort of stuff should NOT be “exceptional” or “extraordinary” for Christians. I think that because it is so extraordinary for very many of us today, we should be able to see in this just how far most of us have fallen from the standard (of supernatural living and of sacrificial giving) that has been set for us in Christ Jesus.

Anyway, the good news in this is that it should all be changing very soon. Yes, I believe that we are now at the dawn of a new day when Christ shall arise within a remnant people and this in a most awesome demonstration of the wisdom of the cross. This, I imagine, will be a demonstration of the love of God and of the miracle working power of God as that is seen upon people who live their lives primarily for the sake of others. Beloved, this should be to the benefit of very many people in this world, people who, for the most part, have not yet seen Christ in “Christians”.