A Refresher

There’s a lot going on lately – I’ve been in a whirlwind, and sensing that a major breakthrough is near (if not already here). I’ll share more about it at the proper time. My injured foot is healing and I may be “on the road” (to Who knows where?) soon. Apart from that, I feel led to share with you a few things today about REALITY. I’ve shared (in depth) on this subject before, this letter being another one of those “refreshers.” — D

* * * * * *
I’ve shared time and again that this world that we live in is the result of conscious thought energy influencing, arranging and manifesting form and substance as we know it. In other words, “Let there be…” was (and is) a creative-wave of energy which emanated (and which emanates) from the mind and heart of God, and then there is a plethora of other energies which come from the thoughts of men which serve to influence and shape that which was and is being put forth. Man is a co-creator in this sense. The many and various realms of the Father’s House are designed this way.

I think that the sooner that we come to realize this, that our consciousness is continually influencing “reality” in many and varying dimensions, the sooner that we will begin to accept the admonition and the responsibility to put on (and live out of) the mind of Christ, master our environment, and manifest that for which Creation has long been groaning – SONS!

Along these lines, I propose to you, beloved, that the physical universe that you see with your natural eyes and all the material things in it are merely a part of the dense molecular CRUST of a complete MULTIVERSE, something that is made up of many realms, realms which are made up of a continuum of differing energetic frequencies. This is “the Father’s House.”

I also propose to you that this multidimensional House is entirely interactive as a WHOLE, that there exists no spacial or temporal separation between the dimensions of this House, that they are all “here and now,” so to speak, and that the separations that are between these dimensions are entirely VIBRATIONAL.

I also propose to you that all physical objects that you see exist as a continuum of energy in other dimensions too. This means that matter is NOT the center of reality as most of people view it, but rather, it is in some way just THE END RESULT OF A SERIES OF ENERGY INTERACTIONS which are occurring IN THE UNSEEN DIMENSIONS. These “interactions” are essentially the substructure of matter. This means that what is perceived by you as “reality” are only the things (or beings) which are relative to your vibrational rate. Some of you may want to stop and think about this for a while…

In summary; the seen and the unseen realms of THE MULTIVERSE are all interactive, beloved – they exist independently according to their individual frequencies, but they are all LINKED by the flow of non-physical energy. This means that each dimension of energy is INTERCONNECTED with its energy neighbors to form A COMPLETE SYSTEM. This “complete system” IS the Father’s House, and “reality” is nothing but THE UNDIVIDED WHOLE HOUSE. “Jacob’s Ladder,” essentially, is a word picture for the OPERATION of this whole system.