A Pregnant Virgin

I’ve been able to draw some distinctions lately between Brideship and Sonship, and of how these relate to the New Jerusalem (the Holy City) and to Mt. Zion (a high and holy place of RULERSHIP in the spirit realm). With regard to Brideship, that is certainly no small thing, as one must be presented to the Lord as a CHASTE VIRGIN, which means that the womb of one’s soul-mind must no longer receive seed (or direction) from the (unregenerate) spirit of man or the spirit of the world (the devil). This is still not Sonship though. No. As far as I understand it, Sons come forth OUT of the Brideship relationship, but then they must be PROVEN WORTHY to be given RULING AUTHORITY from the Father.

Also, something to keep in mind with all of this, is that the characteristics of Brideship and Sonship are being developed in many of us SIMULTANEOUSLY. Spiritually speaking, this is the state of being BETROTHED (not yet married) and PREGNANT (the ruling Manchild being formed within the womb). The pregnant virgin Mary is surely a picture type for this, and certainly Revelation 12 is a heavenly vision of it all.

Is this saying that one can attain to the place of the perfect Bride and yet still not be a Son? I believe that it is. Does this mean that one can attain to New Jerusalem and still not be chosen to rule from Mt. Zion? Yes, I believe that it does. I’m tending to think (and this may just be some personal thoughts) that Sonship and Zion is something to be attained in one’s lifetime on the physical plain, while advancement into Brideship and the New Jerusalem is ongoing and progressive, even beyond the veil of this natural plain. In other words, all believers on both sides of the veil are working towards becoming the perfect Bride (she “makes herself ready”) and in this way they are continually ASCENDING up towards the New Jerusalem (the city of just men made perfect). It seems to me though, that the door to Sonship, though open to many (if not all) for a season, is eventually closed. It is being impressed on me that all who attain to the New Jerusalem state will be thoroughly satisfied though.

Something to think about….

Bless you.