A Pattern for True Worship

Since writing “Raising David’s Tabernacle” (several years ago) I’ve learned a lot of things. The article still seems “right on” to me, though I’m struggling just a little bit with the “fullness of the spirit” phrase, and this is because this phrase brings with it all sorts of religious connotations.

I’m not going to get into here what I believe this phrase actually means, but I do feel led to mention here of how the Tabernacle of David is A PATTERN OF TRUE WORSHIP; of reverence and of intimacy with God as He has designed and has always intended for us.

The Tabernacle of David is a PLAN for royal priests and kings whom God has called and is calling, and who are preparing themselves for the work of the coming age, beloved. This royal calling can be seen in the pattern of Moses’ Tabernacle, but there is a special application for us in the subsequent Tabernacle of David in that God has promised that in our time IT would be rebuilt as it was in the days of old and that THIS is what He will use to “cause all men to seek the Lord.”

Beloved, to those who will wholeheartedly abandon themselves to the will and purposes of God in this day, victory, fruitfulness, peace, purity and supernatural intimacy with God (and with the Body of Christ in many dimensions) is at the door. David’s Tabernacle is a prophetic picture for all of this. It is a picture of God restoring His priesthood, His Kingship and His Eternal rule in and through His church (His “called out” ones), and it is a picture of Him restoring A HEART OF TRUE WORSHIP in His church which shall be powerfully demonstrated in and by those who walk in the way of the Cross.

This is ALL about INTIMACY with our God and Father, beloved. The Creator of absolutely EVERYTHING is restoring to men the ancient pathway to His heart, and David’s Tabernacle represents those who have not only found this pathway, but have given themselves fully to it, without turning from it in the slightest way or looking back.