A Note

Whenever I share anything about the ultimate outcome of God’s marvelous plan, I usually hear from religious dogmatic Christians who want to argue with me. Along these lines, I sent this note out to someone this morning. Perhaps this will speak to some of you in some way.

It amazes me, Xxxx, how little most Bible believing Christians actually know about the Lord and His Kingdom, not to mention knowing about or even appreciating the depth and breadth of His love (for EVERYONE!). Oh, they’re full of dogma and surface understanding of many scripture verses, but very, very few have any regular conversation with God – their relationship with a book and with a system of religion seemingly far greater than their relationship with God Himself. Of ones like this in His day Jesus said, “You pore over the scriptures thinking that in them you have Life, but you won’t come to Me!” For the most part, I refuse to engage religious Christians in doctrinal debates because most all of them today can’t hear God in our conversation or dialog anyway … so what’s the point? There is a world of hungry people out there who are primed and ready to hear much truth by the Spirit. For the most part, I’m sent to them. With regard to Christians today, brethren in Christ are suppose to “submit themselves to one another in the fear of God.” Do you know what this means? It means that brothers and sisters in Christ are to have a fearful and reverent respect for the voice of God when they engage one another in conversation.” Meeting in this way is usually very fruitful, for God commands a blessing there and His voice is most often heard. Unfortunately, meetings like this cannot happen with those whose ears have been shut through hardened religious hearts. Most Christians today haven’t a clue as to the damage that has been done in their hearts and what this has done to their hearing. Come to think of it, most Christians today haven’t a clue about very many things, they just think they know a lot – their “Bible knowledge” diligently at work puffing up their natural minds which then leads them on into deeper and deeper deception.