(A Message) Lost But Now Found

So we’ve learned that OUR CONSCIOUSNESS interacts with matter in its most fundamental level, yes? In other words, we’ve come to understand that the material world essentially MIRRORS the hearts and the minds of men. Actually, ALL realms and worlds mirror the thoughts of the inhabitants of those realms and worlds, for that is the way that the Father’s House is constructed.

There is the perspective though that we have no influence over this material realm, and through THIS viewpoint myriads of people (throughout the ages) have been lured into THE ILLUSION that they are looking at conditions in their lives which are UNCHANGEABLE – that they are just going have to suffer with WHATEVER IT IS and that there is not much that they can do about it.

“It’s a mystery why these things happen, and we cannot know” is what the religious Christian world largely teaches. For the last 1,950 years or so, it has been taught that we should be content in our suffering as relatively HELPLESS VICTIMS in this world and that turning water into wine and raising the dead and healing the sick and walking on water (even in our consciousness) was for Jesus but IS NOT for us.

Do you see the insanity of this? Even science is now proving that God has given human beings DOMINION over the earth – that He has given them FREEWILL and a CONSCIOUSNESS which can INTERACT WITH THE COSMIC MIRROR itself – that by way of man’s thoughts and his feelings he PROJECTS VIBRATIONS which effects matter at its most fundamental level and that this also brings about THE PHYSICAL CIRCUMSTANCES in which man lives.

As I have shared before (though maybe not quite in this way), our minds are like radio receivers which have the ability to TUNE-IN TO different radio stations, but most people on Earth have been conditioned to tune their minds to the vibrational spectrum of the material universe and to rather unwholesome influences from the 4th dimension. We have access to the very MIND OF CHRIST though (you DO realize this, yeah?) and by tuning INTO THAT MIND we can also tap into THE REALITY OF LIFE WITHOUT LIMITS and in this way even CHANGE OUR WORLD.

The Power Elite of this world have done a grand job of controlling the consciousness of humankind, beloved. Enough of that though. It’s time now for some of us to COME FULLY OUT of the ways of Babylon and to RETUNE our stations to THE REALMS OF CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS. We are single Beings, but we exist in multiple dimensions, and IT IS ENTIRELY POSSIBLE for us to live here on Earth in a physical bodies while also living from THE VERY PERSPECTIVE OF CHRIST in all that we do. Do you believe this?

Of course, most people will tell you otherwise. Even YOUR OWN EGO will constantly be telling you otherwise. DON’T LISTEN to them though because THEY ARE LYING TO YOU! Believe the lie, and the lie will be your experience. Believe the Truth, and the Truth will SET YOU FREE to be able to not just know about the Life of Christ, but to actually LIVE AS CHRIST.

This has been in the Divine Plan all along, which Jesus demonstrated for us quite perfectly. The message somehow got lost though, but IT HAS BEEN FOUND. Thank God.