A Glimpse of Reality

I’m only going to preface this by saying that it is an excerpt from a recent e-mail sent to my list about the structure of the Father’s House and the function of Jacob’s ladder, and that the subject matter here should benefit those who are ready to hear it. — D

Briefly (somewhat related to Jacob’s Ladder)…

All dimensions of the Father’s House exist independently according to their individual frequencies, but together they also form a COMPLETE SYSTEM by the non-physical energy linkages between them. This complete system is REALITY. What you or I presently PERCEIVE as reality is simply the things (or beings) relative to our particular vibration rate. As our vibration rate rises, so does our qualification for higher and higher dimensions, and with this our perception/understanding of reality also increases.

With regard to “energy linkages,” these are basically harmonics of vibrations (which includes our thoughts and emotions, by the way) which cross dimensions and which can “link” beings together. You know where the Bible refers to spiritual fornication? Yeah that. That’s about LINKING to beings by way of dark vibrations (thoughts, emotions and deeds) and the related harmonics. Our fellowship and communion with beings IN CHRIST works in much the same way, and this is why we are exhorted to take certain thoughts and emotions CAPTIVE and instead “think on these things” (the good stuff).

A little more specific to Jacob’s Ladder; it is my understanding that as spirits qualify for higher and higher dimensions of the spirit world (this is the “ascending” part), they also have access to the dimensions or realms which are below that which they’ve qualified for, and therefore they can “descend” for the sake of “ministry” to others. Some of you may want to consider Ezekiel 44 here and the Melchizedek Priesthood who changes “linen” garments for “woolen” ones when descending into lower realms, for that is about adjusting the resonance of the spirit-body to match the vibrational ether of certain realms for the sake of manifestation/”ministry” in those realms.

Where is this stuff coming from? Is it in the Bible? It is in shadow form (as I showed with Ezek. 44), but the revelation/unveiling of the truth with regard to these things I believe to be coming forth by way of “the voice of seven thunders.” In other words, these are probably some of the things that were shown to John on Patmos but which he was told NOT to write down then, for the divine intention for such teachings was (and is) for them to be released (by way of a prophetic remnant) when a body of people is awakened enough and ready for them in the end of the age. It seems that we’re there (in that awakened and ready state) now.