A Concise Word

I’ve recently been drawn into what might be called “a heated dialogue” with some people who continually proclaim their “I AM-ness.” The following is a very short and concise version of what I was given to share with these folks. — D

Jesus divested himself of the glory of I AM Presence to become a man because I AM Presence cannot descend below a certain level of vibration, meaning; it cannot directly take embodiment on a planet like Earth, and for this reason, it is given for men to connect to Source/God with and through CHRIST, which is the extension of I AM with which human beings can resonate, learn from and grow in. Some people today want to believe that they (by faith) can just hook up to some static form of I AM perfection, but if you truly understand the purpose of God’s creation (with all of the different worlds, dimensions and realms in it), you will realize that EVERYTHING is meant to grow IN CHRIST until the culmination or grand summation of ALL THINGS, something that we might call “God – All in All.”