7/17 Note

Some of you may be noticing that as you arrive at understanding of future states in the spirit world, your fear of death is diminishing. You also may be able to comprehend more clearly the purposes for your earthly life and make better use of the trials, knowing that the character of your future life will be decided by the use you have made of your current existence, you not losing the fruit of any of your efforts here.

This means that what has been formed in you here of knowledge and of wisdom and of Christ’s goodness will be brought with you to the dimension of the spirit world to which you will have attained when your current terrestrial trek is through, beloved. Knowing this should help you to bear your trials and suffering here with patience, even with an inward joy, knowing that these things are working in you an eternal weight of glory IF you approach them with the right perspective, and then deal with them as the Spirit leads.

I said “if” because our trials can be wasted when we do not seek the divine perspective on them and do not then co-operate with the Spirit in them. I have shared that earth is a sacred workshop to be used for man’s maturing and perfecting. The majority of people on the earth do not see it in this way though, and therefore they do not lay hold of the opportunities given to them for their spiritual advancement.