6/4 Note

I know that the things that I’ve been sharing lately are different from what most of you are used to. I don’t ask that you all accept these things, as they stand in no need of acceptance. I do hope that each reader will interpret what is shared according to the light that is his or hers though, and that they will then be able to assimilate their portion and also attempt to apply the knowledge or insight gained to their life. In this way, not only will individual spiritual progress be advanced, but so also will one’s progress of unification with the Body (in all dimensions) and with God. I believe that the substance of what is being shared of late is being handed down to us now (from high dimensions of the spirit world) because there is a (divinely) planned procedure now unfolding for the development of humanity so that men will be ready for the next age and way of life. How blessed we are to be a part of this shift, beloved, and to be awakening (by God’s grace) to understanding of so many marvelous things.