6 Dimensions of Being – Cont’d

Beloved, as we ASCEND in our dimensional perspective we essentially access different layers of our energy body. In other words, we have DEPTHS OF BEING which correspond to the different realms and the vibratory rates of the physical and spiritual worlds, and out from THE PERSPECTIVE of these layers we SEE and EXPERIENCE these different dimensions. By doing this we LEARN mastery over the dark side, i.e; we OVERCOME fear and negative emotions and all dark spirit world influences – we LEARN the laws of cause and effect and spiritual guidance – we LEARN mastery over our thoughts – we LEARN mastery over our emotions… And the list goes on.

There is a whole lot for me to share on this subject, but I feel led to just PLANT SOME SEEDS for now and not even attempt to plant THE WHOLE TREE. Basically; our 6 dimensional being consists of our 3d physical body, an etheric, energetic layer which serves as an interface between the 3rd and 4th dimensions, 3 peri-spiritual layers which act as the vibratory (semi-material) vehicles for the 4th dimension, and a 6th layer which serves as our vehicle for the 5th dimension and which is A BODY OF LIGHT.

As I understand it, these layers of our beings resonate at frequencies which are AN OCTAVE APART – the lower vibrational layers providing a foundation for the next higher vibrational layer, and as we ASCEND IN CONSCIOUSNESS we essentially access higher and higher vibrational layers of our being and with that THE PERSPECTIVE of the dimensions with which these layers resonate.

You should be able to see in this, beloved, how at physical dissolution of our body (physical death) OUR PERSPECTIVE OF SPIRIT immediately moves to the spirit world REALM which resonates with our most active and aware ENERGETIC BODY LAYER. In other words, if we have attained to no higher than mid 4d in consciousness, then the body of our experience and the vehicle for our spirit will be one of the peri-spiritual, semi-material envelopes, the one which best matches the vibrational ether of that part of that dimension, and, if we have attained to “the resurrection out from the dead,” THEN WE WILL EXPERIENCE OUR BODY OF LIGHT. This is not all that complicated, really.

Of course, we don’t have to DIE to experience the different perspectives of our being either, for even now most all of us experience TWO OR MORE PERSPECTIVES of being – the 3d physical perspective of sons of men born of women, and a higher spiritual perspective (which can include many perspectives), especially that of sons and daughters of God begotten of the Spirit. In His day, Jesus mentioned that no one had accessed the highest heaven (for spirits) but the part of Him “who is in heaven,” and with this statement Jesus basically said that He walked in a physical 3D PERSPECTIVE as well as THE PERSPECTIVE OF HIS BODY OF LIGHT. We, beloved ones, can walk in the very same way.

With regard to this last statement, the Lord said to me the other night, “D, when you walk in the perspective and the experience of your light body, you not only ‘feel the room,’ but you also FILL the room!” This, beloved, is apparently because ASCENSION is not just about our heightened perception, but it is also about OUR SPIRITUAL EXPANSION. I’ll stop now and let y’all think about the meaning of that…


I have shared with you about the multi-vibrational, multi-dimensional layers of our beings. I’ve shared on 6 of these because I know of 6 which directly relate to the physical body, the energy bodies and to the 5d light body. There is probably one more though (7 in all), the 7th of these being THE MOST EXPANSIVE and this having something to do with THE VASTLY EXPANDED CONSCIOUSNESS of spirits in the highest dimensions of the spirit world and who resonate FAR ABOVE the frequency of light bodies. These, I suspect, are they who continually exist in a divinely powerful and vastly expanded state of ONENESS WITH GOD AND WITH ALL THAT IS. I may share more about this at another time.

Bless you.