4th Dimensional Earth

I know that what I’m sharing of late is really stretching some of your noodles. Hang in there. Also, what I’m about to share here could be put in biblical terms, but that is not the leading of the Spirit right now. Again, hang in there.

That said, I feel led to mention here that our 3rd dimension world is becoming more and more 4th dimensional (which can be like opening up Pandora’s Box for some people), and the purpose of this is to change the vibrational dynamics of this world a bit so that hearts can better be opened up and made ready for experiences in (and with those in) the 5th dimension. Are you with me?

Another way of putting this, beloved, is that the veil between the earth realm and other dimensions is getting thinner and thinner, and while this can cause a bit of trouble for those who resonate with certain dark, 4th dimension beings, this will also open-up people in general to tremendous opportunities for deep sanctification of heart, and by this sanctification, open them up to greater and greater high dimension influence in their life.

In short, our 3rd dimensional world is becoming a 4th dimensional world in order for it to become a 5th dimensional world. I don’t know the timeframe for this transition from 3rd to 5th, but I do know that some of you might consider the latter of these to be “heaven on earth.” The 5th dimension is a place where we can continually experience fellowship with the saints in light and thereby be continually connected to the corporate mind of Christ, beloved. This dimension is surely “Heaven’s Gate.”

I may share more later (highly likely).