4/6 Musings

I was told many years ago (by the Spirit) that in due time it would be given for me to “see” (understand) the working of Jacob’s Ladder and the functionality of the Father’s House. I have shared a little bit  about these things in recent past, about how the Father’s House is MULTIDIMENSIONAL and is entirely interactive as a WHOLE, and how there exists no spacial or temporal separation between the dimensions of this House, all of these dimensions being “here and now,” so to speak, the separations between these realms being entirely VIBRATIONAL.

What this means is that all dimensions exist independently according to their individual frequencies, but that together they also form a COMPLETE SYSTEM by the non-physical energy linkages between them. This complete system is REALITY, beloved. What you presently PERCEIVE as reality is simply the things (or beings) relative to your particular vibration rate. As your vibration rate rises, so does your qualification for higher and higher dimensions, and with this your perception/understanding of reality also increases.

With regard to “energy linkages,” you may want to think here about what I have shared about light and dark spiritual influences on your life. What is it that you’re linking to, and if and when it is dark energy are you quick to recognize and renounce that link?

Also, “444” is still being quickened to me. I know that there are other applications for this “sign,” but I also know that this is presently speaking of the light influences/assistance/resources by which all things are made possible for us.