4/24 Note

I feel to simply say here that there are many MYSTERIES which are now being revealed (and which are yet to be revealed) which are not to be found in the Bible. Whoever said that ALL truth must be found in the Bible anyway? The Bible does not convey such a message to us. Jesus never said such a thing either. Jesus said that THE SPIRIT OF TRUTH (not the Bible) would be sent to us to lead us and guide us IN ALL TRUTH. To John on Patmos there were MYSTERIES revealed which John was commanded TO NOT WRITE DOWN! These were apparently some pretty profound things that WERE NOT TO BE RECORDED IN THE SCRIPTURES. Go figure! In some rather poetic and cryptic language, it is then implied that these things revealed to John would LATER be spoken to others by the mouth (or pens) of prophets (Rev. 10). This, of course, is just one example which demonstrates my point. I could give others, but I don’t feel led to go that way right now.

Related to this, some people have asked me for scripture references with regard to some recent things that I have shared. In response I said that I try to share only as the Spirit leads me. If scripture references are to be a part of what is shared, then they are included. I said that I find that with a lot of people today it doesn’t make much difference, for it seems to me that people have an ear to hear the Spirit or they don’t. If what I share bears witness with someone’s spirit, and they want additional confirmation, and with them their primary means of hearing God is in the scriptures, then let them search the scriptures to see if God will speak to them about it there. On the other hand, if what I share bothers someone and they just want to prove me wrong, then scripture references aren’t going to make a bit of difference anyway. This is a matter of men’s hearts and of their intimacy with God, beloved. This is not about Christian scholarship.

I will say that most all of what I have shared of late CAN be found in the scriptures. I say “most” because there are “mysteries” being revealed which are not found there. They’re not supposed to be found there (but perhaps in type, shadow and allegorical form). Might it be, beloved, that there comes a time in this divine quest of ours when we are tested to see if our relationship with God goes deeper than our Bible knowledge? I think so. Frankly, I think that some people’s relationship with the Bible borders on idolatry – that their trust in IT and their relationship with IT far exceeds their relationship with the Lord of the Bible.

I know. I know… To some of you this sounds blasphemous.

That’s pretty much my point.