3rd, 4th and 5th Dimensions

I’ve been getting a lot from the Spirit of late, things that are being taught to me experientially. I’m going to let you in on some of it. I jotted down some notes yesterday which I will share with you here. Get what you can. — D

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There is so much to share. This topic is so huge. For now, it might comfort some of you to know that “reincarnation” seems to be a function of 3rd and 4th dimensional realities, which one can get away from in attaining to the 5th dimension. I’ll try to explain to you as simply as I can what that is (attaining to that realm). Let’s start with the fourth dimension…

The fourth dimension is the “Astral Plane” – the residence of disembodied souls and of time traversability. Good/evil, male/female and light/dark are here as carry-overs from the 3rd dimension. This is a transitional place between the material world and the higher spheres, and it is a place that demands the cleansing of impure vibrations before a spirit can exit from its frequency.

There are many unusual powers and phenomena to experience in this realm. It has a unique and somewhat hypnotic allure for many people, many feeling liberated as they move from the limitations of the material world into the expansiveness of the fourth dimension, which seems magical by comparison with the third. For some spirits, however, this is a world of shifting forms and grey alliances, and non-linear logic which can be pretty scary. Additionally, the rules of the material world don’t mean much here.

Another way of putting this is that 4th dimensional vibrations act to open up the heart and manifest its contents, and in this way this realm can serve as a portal or pathway to higher worlds; the vibrations here moving individuals to choose behaviors and lifestyles much different from what they may have chosen in the past. To put it plainly; on entering 4th dimensional consciousness most individuals are forced to work through their personal stuff or suffer the consequences of not dealing with it.

I hope to share some things soon on the 5th dimension, which essentially is the gateway to the heavenly spheres. This is the gateway to worlds that vibrate much higher than the dense vibrations of matter. The 5th dimension is the place of where Oneness with the brethren of the higher spheres can be experienced. I’m starting to get a taste of this (fellowship). I’ve also been getting a taste of meeting with others in the fourth dimension (I may share more about this later). That is a place where captives in the spirit world can be set free. Who would have ever thought that “hell” is of the 4th dimension and of a higher vibration than the earth realm? – but it only makes sense, as the densest physical forms of the inhabitants there have been put-off for the higher vibration spirit-body and some rather difficult dealings.