2/7 Note

Hopefully for your edification and expansion in perspective, I’m going to share with you something that I wrote to a sister this morning, someone who has been marking up some of my e-mails with scripture verses and sending them back to me like a schoolmarm correcting my school papers. I’m not saying that this “schoolmarm” thing is fully expressed in this sister’s heart. She’s actually a nice lady. It was just time to get at something, point something out. — D

Hi XXXX, I’m glad it works for you. As far as I understand it, the Spirit has got me steering clear of using much scripture because people have been SO indoctrinated with “scriptural teaching” that they can hardly hear a word of what the Spirit has to say to them today. People need NEW WINESKINS so that they can receive THE NEW WINE, and adjusting to a new language seems to be part of forming this new wineskin. Jesus did a similar thing in his day (with language and teaching).

Frankly, I see the scriptures simply as a tool that has been used throughout Pentecost but something that may not be used much as people come into what “Tabernacles” is really all about. If you walk and talk continually with God AS ONE you hardly need a Bible to hear Him nor to confirm if it’s actually Him that you’re talking to. In other words, there comes a time when the training wheels come off (and stay off) and you start moving along like a real grown-up Son.

I’m quite proficient at using the scriptures when I need to. To be constantly voicing scripture verses though is a big turn off for many people (most of the world now, actually). Believe me, I’ve learned this in the streets, where the Spirit has taught me to BE REAL with people and not be regurgitating scripture all the time. I somehow think that many Christian people today do this (perhaps even subconsciously) in a way that is self-aggrandizing – to show off (even to themselves) how their Christian studies have paid off for them and this by them constantly showing themselves and others just how fluent they are in Christian-ese.

And so, you can stop trying to defend the Bible with me. I do see your perspective, and I appreciate it. It’s not one that I share any longer though. I’ve been sharing with others what the Spirit has been giving me to share with them and as led, and I don’t see where this needs to be constantly improved upon or corrected by using scripture verses, which seems to be (from my perspective) what you are trying constantly to do. No offense intended here (I don’t think). Not from me anyway.