1/31 Note

The vibrations of this realm (3d) are becoming much closer in frequency to the 4th dimension, and what this is doing is forcing people BY WAY OF CIRCUMSTANCES to deal with their stuff. In other words, if you have unresolved heart issues and because of this also have some dark vibrations which resonate within (quite possibly even dormant ones which seem to only surface on “special” occasions), then UNPLEASANT EVENTS (known as “contrast”) are going to keep coming around in your life until THIS STUFF IS FULLY DEALT WITH.

In other words, God doesn’t want us walking around feeling all “positive” and “happy” all of the time while still harboring dark vibrations in our hearts. And so, He will continue to bring CIRCUMSTANCES around in our lives which REVEAL these dark vibrations and this in order to give us AN OPPORTUNITY to deal with them once and for all.

This is all part of THE ASCENSION PROCESS. Those who will humble themselves and DEAL with the heart issues WILL ASCEND. Those who will not (but rather continue to try to justify these things – covering them over), won’t, and they will also continue to wonder why their peace is so FLEETING and why their walk is so much of A ROLLER COASTER RIDE.

This, by the way, is not my opinion.