1/15 Musings

I thought that the last e-mail was a digression, but I see the importance of it, the need for it. I see how it might STIR A STRONG DESIRE in some of you to RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, to get ABOVE the parasitic influences of the dark worlds and become a CLEAN and WIDE diameter conduit through which Source energy can move in a relatively unrestricted way.

Related to this, most specifically to the raising of our vibration, I mentioned the other day that the 5th and 6th dimensions are of UNITY and of LOVE between ALL beings, and that in order to inhabit these realms (even now in spirit) we must enter into AND MAINTAIN the vibration of ONENESS which God desires for the whole of His Creation.

This means that we see oneness in all of life, beloved. We see the reality that “without Him was not anything made that was made,” and thus, we see EVERY FORM in this material world as AN EXTENSION of the Creator’s very Being. We look at humankind and DO NOT DIVIDE THEM into those who are good and those who are bad or divide with our minds those who are pure and those who are impure, but rather, we REFRAIN FROM SUCH JUDGMENTS, covering a multitude of men’s sins with our love.

Be aware though that this is not saying that THE CHRIST MIND cannot be DIRECT, for it CAN (AND IT WILL) indeed challenge the scribes and the Pharisees or call someone a “son of the devil” in order to SHAKE THEM out of their mental box. What most human beings do not yet understand (Christians, of course, included) is that THE CHRIST MIND does not judge based on human, dualistic, value-laden judgment. For as Jesus said, “If I judge, I judge righteous judgment.” Righteous judgment is NOT judgment as human beings see it from duality, but it is judgment which is RENDERED FROM A HIGH KINGDOM PERSPECTIVE.

I feel led to mention “mercy” here for a moment, for this word has become extremely colored by the duality consciousness of men. Mercy is not mercy as most men see it, but mercy is REALISM in that it is the reality of seeing that there is no impurity (regardless of what level of vibration it is at) that cannot BE RAISED back into purity. It is the reality of seeing that no matter how impure a manifestation or form might seem, it is still SOURCE ENERGY that has taken on that form, and this can ALWAYS be raised back to its original purity. This too is part of the “Gospel,” beloved.

When you have this sense of REALISM, it is not possible to divide human beings or any form of self-aware (conscious) beings into those who are good, those who are bad, those who are within hope, those who are beyond hope, those who can be “saved,” and those who cannot be “saved.” One cannot think that way with the mind of Christ. One cannot think that way with a consciousness that has ASCENDED into the 5th and 6th dimensions.. It is just not possible. For, as I have shared, if one thinks that way, they CANNOT even enter into those realms, but rather they will stay in the realms of unrighteous accusations and judgments, division and strife.

Do you see what I am saying here, beloved? Most people in our world CONTINUALLY make false accusations and wrongful judgments about people because of their DUALITY CONSCIOUSNESS, and RELIGION (yes, even, if not especially, the Christian religion) is a MAJOR perpetrator and perpetuator of this. It seems to me that if you can raise up your sect of religion and its dogma as THE ONLY ONE that has the truth, it is quite easy then to condemn or judge others who do not fulfill your conditions for “salvation,” and you too will then be among those who ARE DECEIVED in thinking that they are “saved” based upon certain outer conditions, rules and beliefs instead of an INWARD ASCENSION in spirit.