10/23 Note

I was talking with some friends last night about the fear of death which plagues most people today, and about how all of this fear is based upon erroneous ideas about what happens after the physical dissolution of the body.

I’m not going to say very much about this here, other than it is very important for us to understand two very fundemental things: First, that everything that exists in our material universe is formed of ENERGY, and energy does not die, it is simply transformed, and secondly, that our spirit having sprung from our Infinite and Eternal Father is also infinitely eternal.

Very simply put, beloved, this means that death (as most people think of it) does not exist, and therefore we should not fear it because everything in the Father’s creation lives, grows, and will eventually become perfect. In other words, bodily death is only the end of a period that a spirit goes through until it returns to its original state of spirit (and spirit-body) to follow its course of evolution for ascension into higher dimensions and worlds in the Father’s house.

On another note; “Arizona” has been coming up a lot. I’m not sure why yet. I’m wondering if a visit there might be in the works. We’ll see.