Welcome to King David’s Table. There used to be a big spiel here about how we arrived at the name for this website, about how it is a play on words that ties together my name, a future order of God’s kingdom government in the earth (something that is prophetically depicted for us in the life, times and rule of king David) and the idea that God has prepared for us a bountiful table for us all to feed from. I’m going to spare you from all of that now though.

Instead I’ll just say that this site contains quite a bit of Spirit-given insight and progressive revelation which can help you along as you journey. On the Messages page you’ll find hundreds and hundreds of articles which have been posted over the years. Many of them should bless you, if not just by challenging you to think “outside of the box” for a little while. Please feel free to open-heartedly explore. Links to the 5 most recent posts can be found on the (right) sidebar. The rest can be found in “Messages.”

Also, for years and years I refused to allow ads or banners on the website, but I’m going to allow just a couple now which can serve as portals for shoppers. I encourage you to use these, as they can generate some income for us which can offset website costs and also help in our outreach to hurting people.

One of these banners is an Amazon portal. Simply put, when people access Amazon through this banner and buy something, Amazon helps to support the work that we’re involved in by paying a small commission on the sale.

The same thing goes for Plant Therapy. This is a company that I’m recommending now, since, 1); they’ve joined up with EO expert, Robert Tisserand, 2); they are providing GC/MS reports on all of their oils (which his is extremely important in these days when adulteration of essential oils runs rampant), and 3); they have added a significant amount of certified organic oils to their line.

PT is definitely worth checking out. I get most of my essential oil basics from them. For the more high-end stuff I turn to Florihana (a distiller in France) though. They’re great. You may want to check them out too.

Anyway, all of that aside, please feel free to partake of the spiritual food on this website. There is a lot of it and much of it is quite rich. This website and the affiliated work is all about that, namely; being able to share revelation and insight with others and reaching out (in a lot of different ways) to people who are in need of some help.

Bless y’all.